What Your Body Knows


what the body knowsI just had a conversation with Alex Loyd about how the body really heals when you use energy medicine.

Energy tools such as The Healing Codes and HALO Light Systems allow the body to decide how to heal.

The Healing Codes do this by removing the unconscious stress from the body that comes from unhealed negative memories, feelings and beliefs (“heart issues” or cellular memories). When these stressors are removed, more of the body’s resources are freed up to heal whatever physical issues need healing.

The HALO puts into the body the energies from key botanicals, widely known for their healing properties, so that the body has those added resources to be able to heal itself.

happy body Most allopathic (Western) medicine looks to man-made chemicals–i.e. medicines–to “heal.” But these only address symptoms and give the body more to deal with–hence, the inevitable side effects. When you allow the body to govern its own healing, the body decides what’s most important to heal.

This is a very key point. It explains why people get differing results when using Healing Codes, HALO, or other modality that addresses the source of an issue, rather than merely the symptoms.

So you may do Healing Codes or HALO to address, say, acid reflux. And maybe it goes away quickly. You are ecstatic: “The Healing Codes work!” you proclaim to anyone who will listen.

When “Nothing Happens”

So then your friend starts doing Healing Codes or HALO to address her arthritis issue.

And “nothing happens.”

Or, perhaps she feels even worse. “This doesn’t work,” she says, and feels bad.

What your friend may not know–but her body does–is there is something much more serious it is addressing than the symptom she wants to heal (the arthritis).

Dr. Ben Johnson has said that cancer may be forming in the body up to 10 years before any signs are detected by the methods available.

So maybe your friend has cancer forming, and her body knows this is a bigger threat than the arthritis. The Healing Codes or HALO are addressing the source of  the cancer, but to her, because the arthritis isn’t showing signs of healing, “it’s not working for me.”

The danger is that the friend may stop doing what could literally save her life if she persevered.

When You Seem to Get Worse

What about the people whose symptoms actually seem to be worse?

This has happened to me over the years of my doing Healing Codes, and the months I’ve been using the HALO. It’s called a Herxheimer reaction, healing response, healing crisis, among other things. It is a well-known phenomenon in the medical world, and is expected in many kinds of therapies, such as Lyme disease recovery and chronic illness recovery.

You can often Herx when there’s some sort of die-off. Perhaps you had parasites that you didn’t know you had, and now the body is finally able to kill them off. When that happens, toxins are often released by the parasites, and you experience a healing response.

The bottom line is: You don’t know what your body is really healing.

Trust Your Body–and Persevere!

If you trust that your body has an innate intelligence, that God created our bodies to know how to heal, you will keep doing what you’re doing and allow your body to set the priority for healing.

As Alex told me, and my own experience confirms, if you do persevere with the healing methods that are designed to get to the source of an issue, you will truly heal.

Your part is “only” to make the effort. And to trust your body’s God-given ability to heal.

I hope you will persevere. Because it is absolutely worth it. True healing, inside and out, is yours if you just stick with it.

And if you want help in identifying the “heart issues” that may be contributing to your physical issues, feel free to check out for resources on how to heal, including coaching.




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