When Healing Takes “Too Long”


If you’re discouraged about how long healing seems to be taking, listen to what one person, Alicia in Australia, told me:

“I’m ordering a custom code to do for my son because I know The Healing Codes work. I had suffered from insomnia for decades. I tried EVERYTHING, nothing worked. I felt so hopeless. Then I tried The Healing Code. At first things got worse, but I understood it was a healing response and persevered. I was surprised too at how many memories came up.  After about a month and a half with The Healing Code, I began sleeping. I am so thrilled!”

I share Alicia’s story to point out a couple of important things.

1. The Healing Codes really do seem to be superior to most, if not all, of the healing methods available. I can’t tell you the number of clients like Alicia who have told me, “I tried everything else, and only The Healing Codes have worked for me.”

2. You may feel worse before you feel better. Perseverance pays off, as Alicia found.

I myself have some issues that took quite a long time to heal. The deepest-rooted issues, such as the effects of my being in the hospital for weeks right after birth, have taken many months, perhaps years, to heal. But they are healing. I feel the effects of the healing every day, and so does my family.

Healing heart issues is THE way to go, whether with The Healing Codes or simply prayer. (For me, the way I do The Healing Codes is a form of prayer and meditation.)

However long it takes, be patient with the process. What’s the alternative, really? To not heal, or to simply “cope” by controlling the symptoms seem to me the only other options.

I believe God wants to heal us. He’s in charge of the process, so let’s be patient and know it is happening. In the meantime, there are probably lessons he’s wanting to teach. Nothing is ever wasted with God–not one tear or drop of suffering. But he’s patient with us, too, and will allow us to take all the time needed for his purposes to be accomplished through the process.

Ponder this parable from Jesus (and note, part of God’s kingdom work is healing, or else Jesus would not have healed when he was on earth):

Jesus also said, “The Kingdom of God is like a farmer who scatters seed on the ground. Night and day, while he’s asleep or awake, the seed sprouts and grows, but he does not understand how it happens. The earth produces the crops on its own. First a leaf blade pushes through, then the heads of wheat are formed, and finally the grain ripens. And as soon as the grain is ready, the farmer comes and harvests it with a sickle, for the harvest time has come.” (Mark 4:26-29, NLT)

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Hi Diane,


I have just started my 12 days of healing and I do not get time to do the codes in the day time can I do the codes once in the morning when I wake up and the remaining 3 or 4 times in the evening when I come home from work. Is there a specific time gap I need to keep between the codes.


Thanks and Regards



Dear Diana,


My mother has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and doctors say she has a couple of months left to live. Yet I do not give up and I've decided to try healing codes for her. While doing the codes I imagine her healthy and happy which makes me feel really thrilled and hopeful during the code sessions. Do you think it's possible to cure or at least slow the progress of such malignant cancer?


My dog is diagnosed with prostate cancer on 1 st november 2013…Dr said he will not live more…i am having healing code book…i started using universal prayer on him that is given in the book…from four days i give him healing for but in diviision time like 1 st healing 15 min, 2 nd half an hr, 3rd healing again half an hr…and so on…in a day atleast 5 times i give healing to him…before i started healing code in him he was very low…was not even able to stand on leg, he was suffering from pain…but i noticed afyer… Read more »


Yes i agree, i should do healing code for my fear…and i did after reading your reply….i gave therapy to my dog(gattu) 9 years old…& after that gave healing to myself…thank you for the reply


Hi again Diane.  I just read your article on the healing response.  Sounds like me.   and excellent advice by the way.   Can you still comment on my above question however, as I would like to be perfectly clear.  In terms of detox, the other symptons I'm having are really dark urine, mucousy eyes, and so many clear and delightful memories from the past.  Nothing seems to be related.  What do you think?


Hello.  I am doing the healing codes for my mental anguish regarding rejection and neglect as a child.  I am now 55.  After a monthe of practise my itching hives are back.  Do you think they are related?  The hives are sooo bad and I thought I had healed them years ago with fasting and other stress release techniques.   And can these feelings of grief and isolation be addressed with just my own truth focus statements as the bibilical scriptures do not reonate with me.  Thank you for any advice.    Sincerely,    Jacomina


I recently started doing the healing codes for panick attacks abd anxiety. It's been almost rwo weeks and it has been a roaller coaster ride. Some days I feel light and happy and other days I feel like I'm back to square one. I just wanted to know if it would be helpful to focus my image on the felings I experience when I get a panick attack or should I focus on the inage of what i felt the very first time I got one. Ever since I experienced that panick attack I have a really hard time leaving… Read more »


I just started doing 7 min of healing codes for my anger issues and for the past three days I have been intensley angry, so bad where it feels like its eating up my stomach and it has not gone away, I am only doing 7 min a day. Is this normal?

Judy Gardner

Diane, when someone signs up for a personal coaching, do you call them? I was looking on the order now area, and it didn't say how it was done. I am interested in having one. I have read the book and I did the codes for two weeks and it brought up terrible anxiety that lasted until I quit doing the codes. I quit for one week and then tuned  into Dr. Lloyds weekly forum and the anxiety started again, so much that i had to take a pill to calm down. So I quit doing the codes again. Then… Read more »


Now,  could you clarify this for me please?….I'm still dealing with sleep difficulties which aroused after a very bad healing response, so bad that still today I'm dealing with the anxiety that spured.  But lets say that if I continue doing the Healing Codes and one day voila! all of the sudden I feel very good….what do I do next? should I continue doing the daily routine of the Healing Codes? or should I stop and not do the again so I don't continue the up and down responses I continually get, one time feeling better and the next time… Read more »

Amy Harmelen

Hello Diane, I bought book 'Healing Codes' last month and just finished reading it. Not much experience in practice. But I am so desperately wanted to learn how. In the book, It mentiond that this Healing Code can heal just about anything, including cancer. We just found out that my husband's eye melanoma from 2 years ago, has spreaded to his liver. Although it is still early stage…affect much less than 20% of his liver, this type of cancer is a very aggressive one, and has strong resistence to chemo treatment. We really hope that The Healing Code will be able to help him. I… Read more »

carolyn lonidier

im suffering from ALS.please help me.


Welcome to the club, Carolyn. ;-) I was just about to write a comment about us people who don’t seem to have the time for patience due to a progressing disease.
Maybe also have a look here:

Blessings, Jan.


I have been doing the Healing Codes for seven month and contrary to others that claim to be cured from insomnia…I have developed a full blown case of insomnia that I have not been able to shake off…it has made me stop doing the Healing Codes as I'm so afraid to make it worse….I don't know what do to now …SHOULD I continue doing the Codes and wait till what ever issues are causing me to have developed this difficulty sleeping or to stop and wait for it to be resolve and try other things as meditation or yoga? thanks… Read more »

Tim Bell

Thank you, Diane, for this post.  I have achieved many healings in various aspects since starting the Healing Codes and the LT3 process about 1 1/2 years ago.  I still have an anxiety condition whereas laying down, sitting in an inclining position or a snug belt will raise my anxiety and blood pressure.  I still have mild dizziness from the anxiety when walking.  I believe these are from deep seated issues with my mother's chronic conditions and eventual death.  I think it is very deep grief from this period. I just keep doing the codes each day and pray for… Read more »


I have been doing the codes now for about 10 months and I feel they have helped in many ways both physically and mentally. Some things have happened fast for me and some things have taken time. Some pain and stiffness that had been ongoing for several months was gone in a matter of a few days. It does reappear from time to time but then I know I need to find what I need to address in my heart issues and it leaves for a longer period of time. Sometimes there is a few days of an increase of… Read more »

Andre Hattingh

 I have been using the Healing codes for about 6 weeks now. I may not yet have achieved the healing of my physical problems but my spirit is so much lighter. I am inclined to be over-anxious and everything has to go according to plan.but I am feeling free. I am just letting life be. My total healing will come and am learning to have patience which I have not really had much of in the past!!


I find it interesting that people can walk around for decades with heart issues and yet expect instant results from any healing modality.  When I finally started on my personal path of healing, I discovered that there are many layers that one has to go through before true healing can take place.  And, yes, a person may feel much worse before beginning to feel better, at least that was my personal experience. Patience and perseverance are often necessary in any healing process, physical or emotional. Just this year I discovered the Healing Codes and even though I had experienced much… Read more »

Ida Munson

Thanks again Diane for encouraging messages and instances of healing.  My husband and I continue – his tinnitus,( of recent occurrence) is definitely much less troublesome.  After all, as you say, what is the alternative.

Manlio R Ruiz

Thank you for your insights. The one I like the best is the one about the bamboo plant. In my case and experience was like that. It took me a long time to start, but once I started. the experience started to grow on its own. The insights, everything is my personal opinion is part of a journey. Clearing journey. A healing journey and no two people are going to respond the same to it. At least not the way we are hoping. We just do the healing codes for us and our beloved ones hoping that the bamboo plant… Read more »

Laura Rodriguez

Thanks so much for sharing this – it's most reassuring.

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