Your Healing Curriculum


I have really sharp clients. Often, because they are in the process of healing and transformation and getting more and more aligned with their divine design, they come up with nuggets of wisdom.

Here’s something from Laura W. (who gave me permission to share it):

When we’re being asked to grow, the stretching often hurts. But it’s not: I have to do all these modalities to fix me. Rather, it’s a healing curriculum, it’s a certain kind of container I think of as Purpose Academy. College is one kind of container: you learn specific skills, but then you have to go out and live it to really get it and achieve mastery. But all of life is Purpose Academy—there’s a purpose to what God allows in, and it’s all for us to better discern our own purpose.”

Well said, Laura! Your transformation has been awesome.

I especially like what she said about doing things like The Healing Codes not to fix us, as if we’re broken. We may feel broken, but it’s more like we’re wounded, and the wounds knock us out of alignment with our divine design, our unique purpose for being on this earth. Through the rigors of Purpose Academy, the wounds are revealed so that they can be healed. When we heal those wounds, spiritually and energetically, then we can come into that Alignment.

Which leads to joy, peace, gratitude, and a sense of purpose—all of which brings deep fulfillment.

I got my own “wisdom nugget” this week as well. I was thinking about how there are so many different perspectives one can take on almost any issue. That led to realizing that every perspective, every possibility, exists in the quantum realm. Then these words dropped into my spirit: “Believe the perspective that keeps you in gratitude, joy, and peace.”

When we believe something, according to quantum physics, we put “attention” on it and that “enables” that particular possibility to become actuality. To me, it’s faith in action. (“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”–Hebrews 11:1, KJV)

If we believe that, as Laura says, everything that God allows into our world is for our good (according to the promise in Romans 8:28), then I believe we will be able to see what that good is. Even if the thing itself is not good, God can turn it for good.

This perspective is a choice. We can always choose our perspective. “Believe the perspective that keeps you in gratitude, joy, and peace.”

Gratitude. I think gratitude is the key that opens the situation to be used for good.

I tested this with the recent 17-month trial by fire that came when I had to settle my mother’s estate after she died in November 2020. I determined to believe, every agonizing step of the way, that this would ultimately turn out for good.

And it did. There were many gifts that came out of it. Thanking God for everything I could as I was going through it all helped me stay Aligned. It was one of the biggest trials I’ve ever experienced in God’s Purpose Academy. Yes, the stretching hurt—it hurt a lot. Staying focused on trusting God and looking for the gifts along the way kept me in as much peace as could be mustered under the circumstances.

Often we can’t see the purpose of a trial until it’s over. Remember that. Keep focused on faith that you are enrolled in Purpose Academy, thank God and look for the gifts. This perspective will keep you in gratitude, joy and peace.

Remember, you always have a choice.


“Believe the perspective that keeps you in

gratitude, joy and peace.”

–Diane Eble

And if you need some help with healing those heart issues that keep you from being Aligned in gratitude, joy, and peace, check out the Healing Hearts Circle or fill out a Clarity Questionnaire for Healing Monthly Momentum program.

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